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An Overview of Ecodur 201: The ‘Green’ SPF Roofing Solution

Ecodur 201 is a spray polyurethane foam roofing that uses natural ingredients for increased durability and a more natural look. This is an environmentally-friendly product that does not use harmful chemicals, emits no hazardous fumes, and with its natural ingredients, it has the ability to resist mold growth and improve fireproofing in any property. Plus, it is compliant under the ANSI/NSF-61 rating.

What is the ANSI/NSF-61 Rating?

The ANSI/NSF-61 rating is a standard that specifies the leaching potential of a building material. It is used to help the consumer make an informed decision about the material they are buying.

The ANSI-61 rating was developed in 2006 by the American National Standards Institute and the National Safety Foundation. The rating is based on laboratory analysis of liquid leachates, which measure how much harmful substances like lead and arsenic can be found in water samples collected from various points on a roof’s surface after being sprayed with foam.

Spray polyurethane foam roofing is becoming more popular due to its durability, low maintenance cost, and energy efficiency. However, some consumers are concerned about potential health hazards it may cause if it leaches toxic substances into their environment at high rates.

How Do You Apply Ecodur 201?

Ecodur 201 is applied just like SPF. Applicators will spray the solution of polyurethane foam into the roof structure. This process will seal out most of the moisture to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Start by calculating how much foam the roof needs so that applicators can cover the entire area. The surface area of the roof is usually measured in square feet. Multiply that by the thickness of the SPF you want to apply, and you’re all set.

Equipment You’ll Need to Apply Ecodur 201

Most applicators use the same SPF application for Ecodur 201 applications. These include the following:

  • A personal protective equipment (PPE) set
  • A standard carrying and application tank
  • Spraying equipment
  • Working gloves and boots
  • Other essential equipment, such as ladders, roofing tools, chisels, etc.

Can Anyone Just Apply Ecodur 201?

To apply spray polyurethane foam, you will need to be certified by a licensed professional. The certifications required depend on which state you live in and the specific type of foam you are applying.

The certification will require you to pass training modules, operations, proper safety checks, and other processes before you get clearance to apply SPF. Your Ecodur 201 distributor or manufacturer may ask you to go through their respective training and certifications to ensure you and your team are qualified to apply the material with lifetime warranties, too.

Why is Spray Polyurethane Foam Crucial For Modern Buildings?

Fireproofing is a material or method used to protect against fire for a building, usually by stopping the spread of flames. The flammability and propensity for combustion of most materials has meant that fire protection has been an important issue from the time the earliest permanent buildings were constructed. With SPF’s stopping power and capacity to introduce insulation, it’s a building-saving and energy-saving technology that’s essential for the modern age of buildings and construction.

You can always count on us at Ener-Spray to provide you with the best spray foam applications with Ecodur 201. We’re a highly-qualified SPF applicator that can perform everything you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.