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Ener-Spray Group of Companies History:

Ener-Spray Systems Inc.  was started in 2001 by Kevin, Sandra and Lane Cooper. Originally intended to be a commercial spray foam company, it wasn’t long until Ener-Spray was active in both the commercial and residential markets in the Calgary area. Within a few years, Ener-Spray had grown to have the capacity of working on 700 houses a month as well as commercial projects. 
Once well established as the leaders in spray foam insulation, Ener-Spray entered the Commercial Fireproofing Market. Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting Ltd. was formed and is now the main operating company in Calgary. Ener-Spray Commercial is the largest contractor in the Calgary area that specializes in spray foam insulation, fireproofing, intumescent fireproofing, sprayed thermal and acoustic insulation and concrete slab lifting. We have completed some of Calgary’s tallest towers, worked on abutment stabilization of some of the oldest bridges and pretty much everything in between.

In 2014 Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd. was created with partner Clayton McMartin. Ener-Spray Industrial specializes in protective coatings for steel and concrete, blasting, roof rehabilitation, concrete lifting, tank rehabilitation, underslab radon control and industrial fireproofing. Ener-Spray Industrial has worked all over western Canada from potash mines in Saskatchewan to oil sands projects in Fort McMurray and numerous wastewater treatment facilities. 

In 2016 Ener-Spray expanded into the British Columbia market. Ener-Spray Pacific Ltd. was started with partners Doug Vancise and Jackson Carcueva. With Doug and Jackson’s experience and connections in the industry, Ener-Spray Pacific has tackled some of the largest commercial projects in the greater Vancouver area.  We specialize in spray foam insulation, fireproofing, firestopping, sprayed thermal and acoustic insulation and intumescent fireproofing.