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A Commercial Property’s Benefits Using Tri-Thermal Roofing

When commercial roof restorers tell you whether to have spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofs or tri-thermal roofing (TTR). Both have excellent benefits for commercial properties. Most commercial property owners go for SPF because it’s relatively thinner and provides many of TTR’s basic benefits. However, TTR also uses SPF plus additional density-adding layers, introducing the most comprehensive insulation possible for any flat roof. 

To make your decisions quickly, here are several benefits you’ll get by using TTR as your primary roof.

Optimal Insulation

Single-ply roofing insulation can protect roofs against sunlight by using UV reflectors. By reducing heat absorption, these roofs attain excellent insulation with minimal costs and thinner material. 

With TTR, you’re using three times the size of single-ply insulation. You can have an outer SPF layer that reflects UV rays and efficiently removes heat. Two additional insulating layers slow down and ultimately halt heat permeation, guaranteeing up to 98% heat slow down and dissipation afterward.

Extremely Light Weight

To improve insulation, homeowners must add weight. However, adding weight can press down against your existing roofing joists, causing massive foundational weight damages. Both SPF and TTR density-filling materials have very tolerable weight because of their foam and plastic materials.

Tri-thermal roofing introduces 3-4 layers of added materials, including SPF. These are all lightweight materials equivalent to the weight of conventional foam mattresses. Their combined density slows the passage of energy and sound molecules traveling through the material, enhancing its insulating capacity without sacrificing density due to extremely high weight.

Solidly Seamless

TTR is monolithic in nature, just like SPF. Because of their seamless application, it guarantees zero air and water leaks. Plus, reduced permeation guarantees the best insulation available for properties.

All TTR materials use the highest R-value materials and do not easily puncture. Once your surface SPF punctures due to a roofer’s error, the foam underlayer guards against damage, providing excellent waterproofing, zero erosion, and insulation all throughout

98% Heat Reduction

One layer guarantees 25% heat reduction. Two layers guarantee 50% heat reduction. If you use three layers, you can immediately feel the temperature difference. It’s possible but impractical to triple-coat a single-ply roof. However, TTR provides an affordable heat loss reduction using three or more layers at a practical and cost-efficient price point. You can get up to 98% heat reduction.

Very Quick and Easy Recoats

SPF and TTR give you the option to recoat your roofing material, allowing you to extend its lifespan and have a new roof coating within 48 hours. Plus, if you’re using TTR roofs with an SPF surface layer, you can conveniently recoat it while repairing all the possible damages quickly as it seeps through the old materials.

If you have yet to find a reliable contractor, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray for all your SPF needs. With decades of experience and our experienced professional team, you can have the best SPF roof possible. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.