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6 Solid Reasons to Use Metal Roofing Restoration Instead of Replacements

Metal roofs are the sturdiest residential and commercial roofing available in the market. But, on the other hand, they’re pretty expensive to replace because roofers will need to remove them entirely before a new installation. 

Fortunately, aged metal roofs are the perfect underlayment and platform for spray polyurethane roofs (SPF). SPF is viscous and liquid enough to seep through a metal roof’s imperfections. Then, it will fill the gaps as it cures. 

Here are six solid benefits you’ll get by having metal roof restorations instead.

Fast Installation

SPF applicators use the latest application equipment and practices available. These professionals regularly update their application methods and invest in top-notch equipment. As a result, clients will always have the fastest and most optimized SPF roof installations.

Property owners who choose a highly experienced SPF applicator will always get the best SPF installation results possible.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

Built-up and single-ply roof materials have prices equivalent to the total SPF price you’ll pay for properties like yours. However, SPF significantly reduces your labor costs because of its speedy application, curing, and post-installation inspection period. Therefore, you have a highly affordable roof with a lifespan beyond built-up roofs or single-ply roofing materials. You can always get this guaranteed result from highly dependable SPF applicators.

Can Withstand Any Weather

Snow will limit SPF applications to spring and summer projects. Once it cures, however, property owners will enjoy a sturdy roof that can withstand the most trying rainy and snowy weather. In addition, SPF has excellent hail resistance that can endure high-velocity direct impacts.

Plus, SPF applicators can quickly apply repairs for your possible roofing damages.

Improves Property Insulation

Poor insulation can increase utility bills. Both built-up and single-ply roofs do an excellent insulating job. However, SPF’s customizable roofing layers and optional interior insulation applications can give you more value for money. 

Many SPF-roofed and insulated properties report a 30-40% energy spending decrease, thanks to SPF’s reliable insulating capability.

Easy Repairs

SPF requires high-quality equipment and experience to repair damages to your roof. Professionals can fix the entire roofing damage within a few days to a week. Alternatively, roofers will take a few weeks to repair and replace damaged built-up or single-ply roofs.

Easy roofing material repairs give you reduced repair labor costs while preserving your roof’s overall lifespan and performance.

Certified Professionals

You can always count on fully certified professionals, such as Ener-Spray, to provide you with reliable metal roof restorations.

These professionals undergo regular refresher courses from manufacturers. Plus, their hands-on, application-driven examinations ensure that they can deliver the best results for any client’s project and make the latter’s roof eligible for lifetime warranties.

If you have yet to find a dependable SPF roofing professional, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. Our decades of experience providing top-notch SPF services across the country’s commercial and industrial markets guarantee that we can deliver the SPF results you expect. Contact us today to learn more about our services and everything else that we can do for you.