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5 Steps to Maintain Your SPF Roofs

Spray polyurethane foam uses liquid polyurethane and aggregate mixtures before it’s sprayed on your roof decking. Given these properties, SPF is a powerful material with properties unlike any single-ply or traditional commercial roofing material.

A well-performing SPF roof can provide an R-value of 5-6 inches. If carefully maintained, it can provide utility bill savings and optimal fireproofing that complies with local building codes. SPF’s durability and dependability makes it easy to install and maintain. Here are five steps to help you prolong the lifespan and performance of your SPF roofs.

Clean It Regularly

High-quality SPF roofing materials will require cleaning because dirt, flying objects, debris, and other elements will have landed on your roof after a hurricane, cyclone, or extreme weather event with torrential rain. Professionals will inspect the area for any damage to the SPF layer, then use a leaf blower or compressor to remove loose materials from the layers.

Applicators may recommend reapplying SPF and caulk on areas that have minor damages. Allow them to note down these areas for accurate application later.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released in the atmosphere can cause SPF roof discoloration. Their release into the atmosphere happens during production, leaks in storage, or when used as propellants, refrigerants, or solvents in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Your SPF specialists can cure discoloration or remove greatly-discolored areas before reapplying caulk and other materials. Consult with them to know the best next steps to improve and prolong your SPF roof.


Like asphalt shingle roofs, SPF roofing materials can suffer from splits or blisters due to extreme heat and weather changes. The material’s non-permeable layer can expand and absorb moisture from rains and the air. Removing blisters and split layers with a putty knife or razor is optimal because professionals can use caulk to replace and re-layer the roof. If your in-house team will caulk the roof, make sure they review the caulking product’s instructions.

Professional SPF applicators can provide you with high-quality puncture repairs through careful evaluation, decades of experience, and proper caulking and puncture repair equipment and materials.


Caulk seals and repairs your SPF roof by filling the gaps between foams and roof decks. Doing this adheres the loose SPF in place and covers any area that has air leaks, ice dam damage, and water leak areas. Careful caulking application guarantees leak sealing that prevents premature roof material aging.

Most SPF applicators recommend silicone caulking because of its capacity to withstand high temperatures, non-shrinkage in high-heat conditions, and waterproof property.

Use a Professional Team

Lastly, we recommend working only with a team with long-term experience applying, maintaining, and fixing SPF roofs. These individuals know the best way to determine an SPF roof’s age, issues to expect, how to prolong SPF roofing with proper maintenance and fixes, and the right tools for the job. 

In addition, SPF roof repairs and maintenance might require local permits that SPF applicators can obtain before the project starts.

Effective SPF applications greatly depend on your existing equipment and experience. Working with experienced applicators at Ener-Spray ensures your roof is in good hands. Contact us today.