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5 Reasons Why Fireproofing is Essential for Any Building

Fireproofing is a material that is applied to a building to protect it from damage due to fire. It can be applied to walls, ceilings, and floors to prevent the spread of fire damage.

The most common types of fireproofing are drywall, gypsum board and sheetrock. These materials do not need any additional protection and are applied directly to the surfaces of the structures they protect.

However, the best material for fireproofing is spray polyurethane foam. The foam is applied in layers until it reaches the desired thickness. The layers of foam are then cured around the building using a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which helps extend its lifespan and performance.

Here are five reasons why it’s essential to use fireproofing.

Slows Down The Spread of Fire

Fireproofing is used to prevent damage to the structure of a building and contents due to fire. The addition of fireproofing can prevent up to 80% of the potential damage that a building might incur from a fire. Spray polyurethane foam is an effective way of adding layers of protection on top of existing walls, floors or ceiling. It has many properties that helps stop fire in its tracks easily.

Prevents the Fire From Jumping From Room

In a fire, there is a lot of heat that can spread quickly from one room to the next. Fireproofing prevents this from happening with its ability to stop the spread of heat into surrounding rooms. This prevents fires from becoming much bigger than they already are and leads to faster evacuation for everyone involved.

Downgrades Likelihood of Combustion

Spray polyurethane foam is a type of insulation that is not flammable, it is a three-part foam that is sprayed on walls and ceilings of buildings to help keep the heat in. It is used to break up air pockets and seal the building’s air tight. Because it’s a fire-resistant and flame retardant material that uses gas to inhibit combustion, it’s the best insulation that protects valuable objects from fire damage without the need for toxic chemicals.

Reduces the Fire’s Temperature

Spray polyurethane foam is used to reduce the amount of surface area that the fire can spread on. SPF easily impedes the movement of air and heat. It also reduces the amount of oxygen that the fire can use by forming a foam layer on top of the surface.

Reduces The Risk of Injuries And Death

Fireproofing systems help reduce the risk of injury and death from fires caused by combustible materials. These systems are typically made up of firewalls, a mist system and sprinklers. Firewalls are installed to prevent the spread of flames through walls or ceilings. A mist system sprays water on the ceiling to cool it down while preventing embers or sparks from spreading. In doing so, more people trapped in a flaming building can escape easily thanks to the slowed fire spread.

You can always depend on us at Ener-Spray to provide you with the best spray polyurethane foam and fireproofing systems your building needs. We’ll make sure that it complies with local codes on SPF application and building fireproofing to deliver the best results. Contact us today to learn more.