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5 Great Tips When DIY Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam

When there’s no SPF professional to help with your team’s building insulation issues, you can use SPF cans sold in most supply stores and do projects by yourself. We highly advise that you and your in-house team only do this only if this is the last course of action you can take.

Before you start applying SPF, make sure to read the following tips too.

Damping Application Zones Quickens Curing

Spritz some water on the surfaces you’re applying SPF to speed up its curing process. Professional SPF applicators use a spray bottle or wipe the surfaces with moisture.

Dampening walls and surfaces with water will help to quicken the curing process of the spray foam. In addition, it will help to bind the foam to the walls and surfaces better. The water will also help prevent the foam from being too hot, making it more manageable.

Acetone Helps During Application Cleanup

If you end up applying too excessively or the spray bottle has a malfunction, you can use acetone to remove the excess foam that hasn’t been cured just yet.

Acetone is a solvent that helps to dissolve the polyurethane foam. The acetone reacts with the foam and creates a chemical reaction that breaks down the material. Finally, the acetone evaporates, leaving the foam particles behind on the surface of the material.

Spray Guns Are a Great Help

Spray guns are the best way to apply bottled spray polyurethane foam because they provide a uniform spray application, which is essential in achieving the desired result. The person spraying the foam can use the spray gun like a paintbrush to coat an even layer of foam on the surface. Spray guns also provide more control over the application, making it possible to spray foam in one direction or in different directions.

Spray guns are also easy to use, making the task less messy and messed up after applying them.

Use a Small Knife

The Small knife can quickly cut through the foam, saving time and effort by removing it by hand. Plus, it’s easy to use because it is lightweight and has a long handle, so it does not require much force.

Set Your Foam Sprayer In a Box All Th Time

Lastly, SPF can expand without warning inside your bottle. So if you’re setting it down the floor after applying it, make sure it’s inside a cardboard box or a panel to catch the excesses, leaving less for you to clean up.

Use Extension Tubes

If you need to handle hard-to-reach corners and areas, you can use an extension tube that hardware suppliers sell along with the bottles.

Extension tubes are used to enlarge the spray pattern of a can of polyurethane or paint. To use them, you must first prime both the tube and the can. Once primed, insert the tube into the nozzle of the can and pump until the contents come out. The extension tube should be touching the nozzle of the can, but not too tightly.

You can bypass all these troublesome application procedures by working with a highly-dependable SPF applicator. Ener-Spray delivers the best spray polyurethane foam applications for commercial and corporate buildings. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.