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5 Great Advantages of Optimal SPF Fire Protection

The danger of fire isn’t negligible. Every fire disaster mentioned anywhere in the world costs billions in lost property and endangers lives. Having excellent building fireproofing gives tenants better chances of survival escaping a burning building.

Good fireproofing uses flexible and highly-durable material. Spray polyurethane foam is one such material because of its easy installation, full-cavity filling, and fire resistance. SPF has been proven to slow down fires extensively.

Having optimal SPF fire protection gives you the following advantages.

Adaptable Design

Passive fire protection can slow down fires coming from anywhere. SPF is a material that doesn’t melt easily. It can delay the passage of fire and let professionals stop it before it worsens the fire in buildings. For example, a fire in a kitchen can stay in a fireproofed kitchen. In some cases, SPF can even suffocate it with enough density.

Fire sprinklers can work with SPF in stopping fires. SPF can slow down the fires, while sprinklers can weaken them with moisture and humidity. Locking the fire in an oxygen-free zone can suffocate the fire and halt its passage until fire personnel arrives. 


Many modern buildings use spray polyurethane foam, blown-in, and rolled insulation because of their efficiency and affordability. SPF can resist fires for more than three hours, allowing responders to put them out before they can do further damage to the building. SPF costs less than the typical acoustic batt and blown-in insulation.

Buildings can’t accommodate brick and stucco unless it’s integral to its aesthetic, such as a rustic apartment look. Heat-resistant vinyl is affordable but requires specialized installations and maintenance that do not make them as viable as spray polyurethane foam.

Lower Insurance

Insurers lower their premium costs for properties that have passed fire safety and fireproofing standards with flying colors. Most of these properties have used SPF as their fireproofing protection. Many fireproofing associations recommend SPF because of its durability, ease of installation, and tried and proven efficiency.

Premiums become higher if your property is at a bigger risk of fires and other disasters. You may even get referred to specialized high-risk fireproofing insurance if you’re in an environment well-known for having dangerous and building-collapsing fires, especially if you have no excellent fireproofing.

Improve Property Value

Structural integrity and functionality will attract most commercial property buyers. Commercial property buyers using them for chemical manufacturing prefer high-grade fireproofing, such as SPF, to ensure their purchase complies with the special insurance policy for their industry. You’re on the right track in upgrading your building’s fireproofing with SPF because of its dependability, durability, and affordability.

Expert Applicators

Ener-Spray and other certified and licensed SPF applicators can provide excellent fireproofing installations for you quickly. They’re well-equipped and have long-term experience installing SPF as insulation, fireproofing, roofs, cladding, and beyond.

You can count on licensed experts because they comply with their association’s regulations and equipment requirements. Call Ener-Spray today to get started with your SPF fireproofing needs.