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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Properties Fireproof

Commercial properties face the biggest danger of fires because they have much more unpredictable variables than regular residential properties. Fortunately, fireproofing has gone through decades of continuous innovation and improvement in protecting both commercial and residential properties.

Properties at risk of fire are those that situate themselves in plant and wood-rich areas. Plus, a building using weak fire-resistant materials is at risk of burning down. Thus, we’ve compiled this list of excellent fireproofing methods to prolong your property’s lifespan and performance.

Have Specialists Recommend Fireproofing Insulation

Insulation specialists have fireproofed hundreds of commercial properties similar to yours. Therefore, they’re in the best position to give you fireproofing advice that will protect your property against fires and burns.

Spray polyurethane foam applicators are specialists you can trust for in-depth inspections, too. They can give you a rough total of your property’s fireproofing protection needs. These insulators use fire-retarding materials that save lives and the entire property should a fire break out.

Keep in mind: having insulation and fire-retarding materials can drive down your insurance premiums, too.

Upgrade to Double-Glazed Windows

Single-glazed windows crumble easily in the fire’s heat. On the other hand, double-glazed windows can resist fires and retain them inside the property. 

Tempered glass can resist fires much more effectively than its regular counterparts because of its density and natural high heat resistance. In addition, regular windows with zero glazings can pop out and cause shrapnel injury against victims.

Use a Class-A Flat Roofing Material

Spray polyurethane foam is class-A roofing material. PVC is another single-ply class-A roofing material. Thus, always look for a top-notch-roofing material that can retard fires and prevent completely burning down the property.

Class-A Materials are understandably expensive because they use premium materials and have exceptional densities. Therefore, they’re an excellent investment in any case. 

Fortunately, SPF is an affordable alternative to PVC and other expensive but exceptionally fire-retarding low-slope roofing materials.

Have Fire Damping Mesh on Vents

Small embers of burnt shrubs, paper, and other materials can enter your vents without warning. 

Many cases of burnt-down properties occurred because the building had many vents. Small embers can enter these vents and started fires that can down the entire property from the inside. 

You can prevent this from happening by using fire damping mesh on your vents. These are highly durable materials that can put out embers entering your vents. Plus, they filter out dirt and chemicals that enter your vents by trapping them on their surface.

Enhance Aesthetics and Fireproofing With Fireproof Cladding

Your building’s painted veneer is impressive and works for most of your clients. 

A good alternative to painted veneer is brick cladding. The high fire resistance of bricks makes them exceptional fireproof cladding. Other alternatives include the following:

  • Adobe
  • Stone
  • SPF
  • Metal Siding

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF applicator for your fireproofing project, you can always count on us at Ener Spray. 

We’re greatly confident that we can deliver the best results for all your SPF needs with our decades of experience, top equipment, and well-trained professionals. 

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