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5 Crucial Reasons to Always Use a Reliable SPF Applicator

Open and closed-cell SPF is an essential part of any commercial property. They are fireproof and slow down fire’s passage. It improves indoor insulation and can act as cladding to prevent any interior material damage. 

It’s easy to find SPF materials in ecommerce marketplaces. These equipment have handy instructions helping you apply the material properly. However, extensive projects will require professionals with long-term experience and knowledge performing the task that in-house teams will take years to do.

Here are five crucial reasons why you should always use a dependable SPF applicator for your project.

Guaranteed Results

SPF applicators are bound by profession and their ties to SPF manufacturers in providing top-notch results for all application projects. Their training and certification reflects their level of workmanship and project results.

It’s easy to say that anyone can apply SPF because the material is quick and easy to use. However, it requires hours of training and the right equipment to make proper material estimates, layering, and other detailing necessary to achieve the right fireproofing, roofing, or cladding.


SPF manufacturers are stringent when it comes to applicator training. They require applicators to go through their stringent tests and use the material as they’ve intended. Failing to do so means the applicator cannot guarantee their clients can receive any material warranties. 

Manufacturers and SPF regulators award certifications to applicator teams. They can test their skills and provide the necessary hands-on education to help them achieve commercial-level applicator responsibilities. Certification challenges may vary per year depending on new possible fireproofing and insulation codes for commercial properties in the local area.

Well Equipped

Dependable SPF applicator teams have manufacturer-approved applicator equipment. In addition, they must always have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe. With these equipment and all the essential warranties in place, applicators can begin their work and guarantee the best results for their customers.

Trained By Manufacturers

Manufacturer training is an involved practice. A minor error in training indicates the SPF applicators’ poor practices in the future. Manufacturer training gives customers a guarantee that using a certified SPF applicator grants them lifetime warranties for using their SPF products. SPF applicators who receive manufacturer training understand and purchase the correct equipment and understand how to use and maintain them.

Undergoes Regular Re-Training and Certification

SPF applicators understand that their profession requires meticulous attention to detail. A small miscalculation on SPF amounts can mean overflowing SPF material, requiring meticulous clean up tasks that take up much labor time and cause hassles to customers.

Re-training themselves ensures that their new and old members continue to have updated skills that add value to their applicator team and provide the essential high-quality services their customers want. In addition, they can easily adapt to the additional demands of new and improved SPF materials, equipment, and practices, too.

You can always count on Ener-Spray to provide the best commercial SPF application available. With our decades of experience and knowledge, we ensure only superb and time-tested results. Call us for your next roofing, cladding, and insulation projects!