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4 Reasons to Have Excellent Building Roof Insulation

Building roof insulation is an effective yet often forgotten practice that can save energy and preserve a single-ply material’s lifespan. By reflecting and preventing heat from entering the property, buildings have better energy efficiency, achieve longer lifespans, become much more durable, and more comfortable to work at or live in. 

Unfortunately, many building owners bypass effective building roof insulation because they perceive it’s an added cost. Insulation requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it is functioning properly. However, we believe the added benefits justify the costs – learn more about the top four reasons to have excellent building roof insulation.

Improved Indoor Air Retention

Retaining indoor air temperature is the secret to lowering your building HVAC thermostat. Buildings achieve comfort by reflecting exterior temperatures and maintaining indoor air. While building administrators have to open the windows from time to time to let fresh air indoors, you can turn down HVAC thermostats and reduce your building’s energy consumption.

If your heating and cooling system are in good condition but you still have high energy bills, you may need excellent building insulation. With reflective single-ply roofing colors, insulation preserves your building roof’s ceiling structures and the material itself.

Prolonged Roofing Material Lifespan

Rubber, single-ply and modified bitumen can last beyond their estimated lifespans with regular maintenance services and staying in balanced temperatures. High temperatures cause roofing materials to expand and contract rapidly, affecting their adhesive or torched installation process and causing seams to split apart and lead to leaks. 

Good insulation practices reduce high temperatures by reflecting the sun’s heat. Bright-colored building roof materials with high R-values greatly contribute to reduced energy consumption and prolonged roof lifespans.

Fast Application

Reliable insulation applicators can accomplish the entire installation process within 1-3 days. For example, spray polyurethane foam insulation requires a well-equipped applicator to spray layers of the material during the first day. Then, they would wait for 48-72 hours to let the material cure before inspecting the layer’s integrity.

They would deem the property usable after checking for any signs of non-cured SPF and confirming zero noxious fumes and possible respiratory risks. In 

Safe and Fully Insured Process

All SPF applicators must have proper equipment and certification to perform their duties. A high-quality application team will train to receive proper certification in applying and maintaining their personal safety with the right equipment. Additionally, the local regulators will test and register them as viable to work with building owners in the area due to the company’s tried-and-proven capabilities.

All reputable SPF applicators guarantee a safe and fully-insured SPF application process. The liability insurance ensures they’re responsible for their team’s wellbeing and any untoward damage the property might endure during their application process. You can ask your local regulator or roofing contracting board to help you find a dependable SPF applicator.

If you have yet to find one, you can always count on Ener-Spray to provide high-quality SPF applicator services in your area. With decades of experience taking care of residences in your area, we’re confident that our team can accomplish the insulation, roofing, and metal roof restoration processes your building needs. Contact us today.