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4 Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam Fireproofing For Any Property

Fireproofing refers to the materials used to protect buildings from fires. It is important for buildings to be fireproof because it will prevent the spread of fire to other areas of the building, protect occupants, and minimize damage. Fireproofing can be achieved with two different methods, fire-stopping, and fireproofing materials. Firestop materials, such as SPF, are used to fill cracks and gaps in ceilings, floors, and walls in order to contain the fire in one area.

Here are four benefits to undergoing this meticulous but rewarding task.

Prevent Structural Collapse

To prevent structural collapse, SPF fireproofing is applied to the structural steel so that it does not heat up enough to bend. The fireproofing can be created to have a heat-resistant coating that will not burn off, or it can be a material that will not burn.

The danger of structural collapse during a fire is that the building may not stand. The building can be weakened by the fire or by the firefighting efforts, and if the building is not structurally sound, it could collapse.

Boost Occupant Egress

Fireproofing is the process of making a building more resistant to fire, so it will take longer to spread and allow more time for occupants to evacuate. Excellent fireproofing has saved countless lives because it prevented fires from spreading onward further.

SPF is an excellent fireproofing material because it is noncombustible, which means it does not support or promote burning. This material is typically sprayed into cavities or voids in buildings using compressed air. SPF expands and fills the cavity, forming an obstruction for the flame to penetrate.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Buildings that are well fireproofed can save a significant amount of money on their insurance. Insurance companies will charge you more if the building is not fireproofed because it is increasing their risk. Fireproofing is increasing the safety and value of the building, and it makes it less likely to catch fire.

Aside from lower insurance premiums, investors and businesses will eye your buildings because of their safety, security, and dependability.

Extend Property Lifespan

A properly fireproofed property can be the difference between a complete loss of a building that is still salvageable after ablaze. Fireproofing can also prevent other costs associated with rebuilding, including costs for temporary living quarters, food, and other necessities.

Additionally, consider SPF’s function as a corrosion inhibitor. Rusting on structural steel depends on how fast this reaction occurs. The best corrosion protection is achieved when the coating is thick enough to slow down or prevent this reaction.

SPF has the ability to form a continuous, uniform, and protective barrier on metal. This barrier can be up to 10 times thicker than traditional coatings. This makes it an excellent choice for use in metal structures where rust can be a significant concern.

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