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3 Types of SPF Useful For Commercial Properties

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is widely used by many commercial properties because it provides excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture control, and air sealing. In commercial properties, where there are a lot of people in a small space who need to be comfortable, this is very important. SPF also provides a clean and safe indoor environment.

There are three types of SPF material in use nowadays.

Low Density

Low density SPF is a type of polyurethane foam that is sprayed onto building surfaces, filling cavities and cracks. It provides an airtight seal, which creates an additional layer of insulation for the building.

Low density SPF can be installed in any direction, providing a tight seal around any object. This material is the easiest among the three to apply to properties.

Medium Density

Medium-density spray polyurethane foam is a two-component spray foam insulation that expands up to 100 times its size. The properties of medium-density spray polyurethane foam are that it is a two-component spray foam insulation that expands up to 100 times its size.

Medium density SPF is sprayed on the wall and ceiling cavities to provide insulation for architectural properties.

To spray polyurethane foam on architectural cavities, contractors use an HVLP sprayer. These are available at most hardware stores. Plus, they use a 2-5 gallon compressor to apply the SPF. The pressure gauge on the compressor needs to be set at 15 psi for this type of spraying.

In other words, it’s challenging to apply medium density SPF for inexperienced applicators.

High Density

High density spray polyurethane foam is a type of insulation that is sprayed onto a house’s exterior walls. It is sprayed from a machine that uses a large amount of pressure to dispense the foam in a thin layer. This type of insulation is heavier and more expensive than other types of spray foam insulation, but it also has the highest R-value per inch.

High-density foam can be used for soundproofing, fire protection, and insulation. High density foam is usually applied directly on the outside of the building’s insulation on top of the sheathing for exceptional fire protection.

How Do I Determine The Perfect SPF For My Needs?

The type of SPF you should use depends on what you want to do with the project. For example, if you’re looking to soundproof your building to the max, you’ll want a high-density SPF. Low-density SPF is helpful for providing excellent insulation to any property and is easy for SPF applicators to install, which effectively speeds up the installation time.

Why Should I Use Professional SPF Applicators?

Your team might have the time to take on an entire project, but they might not have the right skills to do the job correctly. Professional contractors are trained and certified in SPF applications because it uses special methods and equipment to do the job.

Hiring professionals will give you peace of mind that the project will be done efficiently and with the best materials to avoid any major problems in the future.

If you have yet to find a professional SPF applicator for your needs, you can always count on us at Ener Spray. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.