Ener-Spray - Foam Insulation, Fireproofing, Slablifting, Spray Coatings, Roofing - Western Canada
Our history is family

Ener-Spray Group of Companies was formed in 2001 with its first division, Ener-Spray Systems Inc by the Cooper family. Since then Ener-Spray has branched into commercial construction with Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting, and the oil and gas sector with Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd. Ener-Spray is dedicated to providing solutions to various insulation, fireproofing, secondary containment, and protective coating problems. The management team at Ener-Spray has over 85 years of combined construction and building envelope expertise. The team has worked closely with government officials, manufactures, architects and engineers to develop some of the most up to date codes for insulation within the local Calgary construction industry. Since 2001, Ener-Spray has completed over 60,000 projects in Alberta ranging from simple residential projects to some of the largest commercial and industrial ventures.

Four Divisions - One number

Ener-Spray Group's four divisions handles the actual fulfilment of our contracts; nevertheless a single contact number, 1-877-957-7729 is all you need to use to get going.

1/2lb Foam Insulation
2 Pound Foam Insulation
Thermal Barrier
1/2lb and 2lb Foam Insulation
Cementitious Fireproofing
Fibre Fireproofing
Flat and Metal Roofing
Thermal Barriers
Concrete and Slab Lifting
Industrial Coatings
Internal Tank Coatings
Secondary & Primary Containment
Potable Water Coatings
Pond Liners
Media Blasting
Concrete and Slab Lifting
1/2lb and 2lb Foam Insulation
Cementitious & Fibre Fireproofing
Spray Termal & Spray Acoustical
Industrial & Internal Tank Coatings
Concrete Slab Lifing
Secondary and Primary Containment

We keep good company

Ener-Spray is a member of many professional construction associations both national and regional; these assocations are geared around construction safety, industry practices and standards. We are members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), Calgary Construction Association (CCA), ISN Networld (ISN) and National Fireproofing Contractors Association (NFCA). Further, we are BASF foam masters which means we meet and exceed their rigorous requirements for applying their foam insulation in residential and commercial buildings.